Woven Pear

Together with some other business partners, we have launched a sock company that specialized in making fun, bright, and cheerful socks. They have a touch of whimsy and style, and are the perfect gift for anyone! It’s been a blast designing the brand, website, and these happy socks!


I was thrilled to be able to work the atly team to redesign their site. Their learning platform is really amazing, and it was fun a fun challenge to design a site that could easily lead users to find classes and teachers with just a few clicks. I am super proud of the end result (and excited that I am lucky enough to be a teacher there too!)

photos by trishazemp, styling by one more mushroom and house that lars built. 

Lucy and Lyla

I loved being able to design this shopping site for Lucy and Lyla. I just love the girls behind this company, and they were a blast to work with in making a sleek and clean site. I loved how this turned out!

Caitlin Wilson

I was thrilled when Caitlin Wilson approached me to re-design her site. I had long admired her work and her beautiful line of textiles and pillows. It was so much fun to be able to work with her–she has such an eye for color and style, and it was so fun to be able to create a site that reflected her perfect eye for design, color, and style.

Photos from Caitlin Wilson Design

One More Mushroom

One of my favorite design jobs was this logo and website that I was lucky enough to design for Meta from One More Mushroom. Meta has one of the most impeccable styles–her home, crafts, and photos all reflect her impeccable eye and beautiful talents. It was so much fun being able to work with her!

Photos from One More Mushroom

Small Fry

I was really excited when these amazing girls approached me about creating an identity and website for them. The small fry blog is all about childhood–and all that surrounds it- whether that be games, crafts, food, style, and parties. It was so much fun to create a blog where childhood was at the very heart!

photography by Small Fry

the Small Seed

One of my most favorite projects has been designing and working with the small seed. This group of women believe that talking about God is normal, and living a life of faith is one of the most important things we can do. I worked with these lovely ladies to brand and design this site, and I also regularly contribute with downloads and challenges.