I Heart Startups

One of my favorite things as an artist has been to collaborate with others. Along the past few years, I have been able to be part of several different companies, and design and teach some amazing things. Listed below are different projects I am involved in. I have a different role in each of these companies, and I hope you will check them out–they are each unique, fun, and keep me busy and creative!

Caravan Shoppe


Together with my partners Mike & Alma Loveland, we created Caravan–a shoppe full of digital downloads with beautiful and lasting DIY kids toys, party and holiday decor, and gorgeous wall art–all at inexpensive prices. It’s as easy and as fun as pie–and it’s some of my most creative work!  Check it out here.

The Small Seed


I believe that life is for loving and believing, and that the only really important thing is helping others to feel the same eternal joy that comes with love and belief. I write often about my faith and love of God–and I contribute regularly to this site here.

brittany scott painting

Creative Collaborative


4 years ago in Provo, Utah, I felt that artists needed a chance to meet and learn from each other, so I started Creative Collaborative. We met every month, as a group of artists, to discuss art and creativity. I have since moved and turned it over to capable hands, but they still meet and are going strong. Every time I am back in Utah, I try to plan my trips so I can go! Check it out here.