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Life is for Loving

Lately I have been thinking a lot about life. On one hand I had some close friends lose loved ones, and on the other, many of my friends brought babies into the world, and I had little Adeline almost 7 weeks ago. (It has gone so fast! eek!)

This has really made me think a lot about life… how frail our existence is, and how quickly things can change. I know it’s cliche, but it’s made me think about taking the time to do the little things. It’s made me think about what type of life I am creating for myself, and for my family. It’s made me want to be a better mother, wife, friend, and person. It’s made me want to live, and to live my life filled with love.

And so to celebrate life–here is a print especially for you. Celebrate life, whatever stage you are in- and just LIVE, and fill your life with love.


I am ready for Spring!

Happy Friday! I am having the hardest time getting myself to do anything but the essentials these days, but can you blame me? I having too much fun taking care of these two little burklings:

Aren’t these photos beautiful? Bri of Collected took them for us, and I will show more of them next week- because I am in LOVE with these photos.

Anyways, like I was saying- I am ready for spring! I think this new little life in my home is making me ready for the newness and feeling of life that spring brings. Anyone else? I am ready for taking these girls out on warm walks and not fighting with Maggie to put on pants (she always wants to wear dresses- what a girl!) So, let’s pretend its spring yes? Print out this free wildflower pink card and hope for a quick spring coming wherever you! Happy Friday!

(fyi- these cards are available in other colors for purchase here)


Yay for Valentine time! I am so excited to be a part of the 7 days of Valentine’s Projects with the Alison Show and Freshly Picked. We decided the most perfect thing for Valentine’s Day would be temporary tattoos of woodland animals.

 Choose from a skunk, deer, porcupine, fox, owl, and squirrel. print it out on tattoo paper, and enjoy!

Photos from freshly picked & the Alison Show

Download the file here- 2 pages of tattoos- first page of bigger sizes for bigger kids, and the second page of smaller options for smaller kiddos.

Head on over to Freshly Picked for the full tutorial. For more Valentine Projects, head over to the Alison Show.

Also- love the designs but don’t want to make tattoos? Check out my earlier post of these same designs, as valentine cards!

A real Post on Reality

I have been wanting to do this post for awhile now … but yesterday I was completely inspired by my dear friend Yan– who posted about the reality of her situation.

Why don’t we post our reality very often online? On our blogs, facebook and twitter? Now don’t get me wrong, I adore all of the pretty things we can find on pinterest, twitter, facebook and design blogs. Let it be known, I LOVE PRETTY THINGS. I love finding inspiration and getting ideas on how to design, decorate my house, what to cook for dinner, etc.


However, I think that sometimes we forget to post about REALITY.

So here is to you- Reality. I think that there is a place for beautiful things, and there is a place for the beauty of reality.


Want to know what some of my reality is? Oh let me tell you…

I didn’t shower half of this week, or put on makeup. This is NOT an unusual week. My studiomate Alma can attest to how often I show up to work in my pjs, workout clothes… or looking frazzled.

I gained 20 pounds in one month this pregnancy. Yep. Not even kidding.

I haven’t worked out in 4-5 months. I haven’t had time, or the energy. (and if you know me, you will know that I worked out RELIGIOUSLY before this time.. so this is very strange) In fact, I am not really sure when the last time I worked out was…

I cooked dinner once this week   . . . and it wasn’t organic or pretty looking. And I may or may not have had fast food several times this week. Yum.

I live in small apartment…not a big house. But I adore it! Half of my apartment has nothing on the walls. Nothing. I have empty frames sitting on the floors, with good intentions of starting the decorating process… for THE PAST YEAR.

When I started my business, things were really hard. I didn’t sleep enough because I was always up working and worrying about how my family would survive. I wondered where my next client would come from, how I could keep working so hard and still juggle motherhood, being a good wife, friend, and business woman. I wish I could say that with hard work, these problems went away overnight. But really, sometimes things are still hard. I have learned that businesses grow organically with work, sweat, tears, and belief in yourself, and the support of others. Thankfully after years of hard work, I don’t worry as much about finances. However, I still struggle and worry about juggling motherhood and family responsibilities with my business. It’s hard. But I have learned to be grateful for hard days as well as the good… because they give me perspective, vision, and ultimately make me who I am.

And I have to say I have learned to love the craziness. I love my messy house, my laundry that hasn’t been done this week, the food that is going bad in my fridge, and the long lists of to do that never seem to get done . . .


So why am I saying all of this? I want you dear readers- to come here, and expect lovely things. But I hope that these lovely things will only inspire you in your own life. I hope that you will know that behind this is a real person, who is far from organized, on time, and just a little bit crazy.


But most of all, I hope that you will believe in yourself, and believe that we are all doing better than we think we are. 


So I give you a free download, a little print to print out, put on your fridge, and remind yourself how awesome you are. Embrace the beauty of your own reality- whatever your challenges may be.



Goals Sheet & Friday Fun

I have always loved setting goals- but this year I decided to do something different- I am only setting 4 goals.I think that will help me focus on them better. I am a person that is always evaluating each month on what I can improve, but there are some goals that I never take the time to set.. like things that I really want to do, and have good intentions, but never get around to doing. And here is some pure honesty: I have an easier time achieving some professional goals over personal goals. yikes. I think that is because I focus on them, and constantly write them down.

So this year- I am setting 4 goals- in the categories of: mental, physical, personal, and spiritual. I made this little sheet (that is 5×7) to print out and put on my fridge so that I can see them often. So- I share this with you- feel free to download, print, write all over, and share with your friends and family:

And what are some of my goals? I will tell you- I have tried to make them simple, and measurable this year.

I want to read a book each month (instead of watching tv)

I want to exercise 3-4 times a week (ok… after the baby comes.. hehe)

I want to plan 2-3 outings or fun activities with my daughter each week that will be fun & memorable each week (like going to museums, or special crafts, etc)

I want to take 5-10 minutes to ponder each day (without any computer devices, music, etc.. in complete silence)

And now after being so serious, here is something that makes me laugh every time I watch. My daughter LOVES to dance, and here she is jamming to Robyn’s “call your girlfriend.” If you haven’t seen the video.. you have got to watch it.. Maggie is a fan!

Happy Friday!

Free Chevron Tags & Holiday Code

Well, I have been busy getting ready for christmas here- wrapping gifts, baking treats, and trying to keep some semblance of order at my house. (I have failed miserably in that last point…)

I have been loving gift tags this year, It is such a fun touch! So as a christmas gift from me to all of my dear internet friends- Here is a simple red chevron tag you can use this holiday. It especially looks good with brown gift wrap and red yarn, which is my FAVORITE way to wrap gifts.

Also- I am offering a 20% off on my whole shop from today until December 20th, just use the code “HappyHolidays” at checkout. There are lots more tags, cards, etc there. Enjoy!

*This file is strictly for personal use, and may not be distributed commercially without permission.

Free Christmas Tag Download

It hasn’t snowed too much here, but I can’t say that I mind… the San Diego native that I am. Christmas to me will always be surfing at the beach! However, all of this wrapping paper excitement has gotten me motivated to get my act together and get all of my holiday shopping and neighbor gifts done. I spent a bit of time baking this weekend… whether or not these treats actually made it to planned neighbors is my little secret… but here are some tags I thought you might enjoy for neighbor gifts, or for anything else you are handing out!

Happy Christmas and enjoy the download!


*This file is for personal use, and may not be emailed or distributed without permission.