Creative Business : Believe in Yourself

Why you should believe in yourself as a creative! (don’t worry, this isn’t a touchy-feely post, its more of a believing-in-yourself-will-make-you-a-better-designer type of post. )

1. When you believe in yourself, you value your work

believe in yourself

One of the most common questions I hear from my students is about charging. Should I charge my family and friends? How much should I charge? How do I know when to raise rates? These are all excellent questions (and I answer them in this class), but before you can ask these type of questions, I think you need to ask yourself, do you believe in yourself? Do you value your creative work?

When you value yourself, this question of “how much should I charge” changes to “what is the value of the work that I am providing, and what price is that best reflected? ” Do you see the difference of that mindset?When you believe in yourself, you value you work, you value your time, and it is easier to charge people.


2. When you believe in yourself, you work with others

believe in yourself

I find that it is all too easy to look at other’s websites and their talents, and then start to devalue your own. This can be paralyzing, and super detrimental. When you believe in yourself, you look at others with talent as inspiration, and not with jealousy. You see a chance to learn, or someone who would be a good friend, and you stop trying to compare yourself.

When I find myself starting to think, “oh man, this person is AMAZING. I wish I could do something like this” I know these are warning words. That’s when I know its time to meet the person behind the website. I try to get to know them, and I oftentimes try to work with them in some capacity.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many dear friends I have been able to work with and get to know because of this process.

Isn’t that great? When you believe in yourself, you change these feelings of jealousy into an opportunity to work with others, to learn and grow from them, and admire that person as the person they really are.


3. When you believe in yourself, you put all of your guts in

put all your guts in

When I first started my own business, I was scared, nervous, and super anxious. I worried about my design skills being enough, and I worried about getting clients, I worried about balancing it all, and ok.. well.. about EVERYTHING. I was a big hot mess. And then one day, it dawned on me: I had NOTHING to loose. Literally. When I realized I had nothing to loose, I was able to believe in myself, and put all of my guts into each project. And that was a great place to start, because when you put all of your guts in, you win! Your work reflects that. Your clients sense that, and you reflect that in your attitude and in who you are. It’s an amazing thing.

4. When you believe in yourself, you live the journey

live the journey

Believing in yourself doesn’t mean that you will succeed right away. It doesn’t even mean that you won’t fail. You probably will. Working with all your guts is a risky business. But when you believe in yourself, you know that each failure brings lessons you couldn’t learn any other way. (It’s true, my greatest failures & mistakes as a designer have taught me the most important lessons)

It will take years to create what only you can envision. But when you believe in yourself, you know it takes time. You know that each triumph is important, wonderful, and something to celebrate. When you believe in yourself, you live the journey. You love being creative, and you love your job


  1. becca

    Glorious! I can’t wait to take one of your classes so I can soak up al your inspiration and knowledge.xo

  2. Jenny Kim

    Those are very helpful tips. I’m not doing design, but I’m trying to start a online shop. And I will tell you that it’s hard. But I am going to keep on believing in myself and never give up.

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