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One of my favorite things about teaching, is getting to know my students. It is so rewarding to hear from them, meet them, and see them doing well. Between my Alt Summit class at the conference, and my Alt Channel class the last week, I have had a lot of questions that I wanted to respond to for everyone. So I am going to start a regular column here with three to four questions from the past few weeks. Here it goes!

preview of q&a

Q: Where are some places to get free fonts? Which fonts do you recommend?

A: I have lots of lists of my favorite free typefaces. I am going to be starting a weekly roundup here as well of my favorite 2 typefaces that week–But for now- you can check out these lists here, here, and here. Also, you can check out my list of condemned typefaces (think what not to use) here.

Q: How can I save my swatches to my pallete in illustrator?

A: Easy peasy. Watch this video here by alma.

Q: What is your suggestion for sidebar links on a blog? (If you must have then)

A: Good question. Sometimes it can be hard to work in everything you need on a blog. There are so many things that can be important to a blog.. so my number one rule is, less is more. When I am working with a client, we really try to identify what their viewer needs. So start there- think of your average viewer. What do they look at? What do you want them to look at? How can you make it easy for them to find things? How can you help keep them reading?

My typical sites I design have archives, categories, and maybe some “favorite’ posts on the side. I also like to have other common links, like press, support, faq, (depending on the blog) Then lastly, its important to look at how to link in sponsors.. How are you going to treat it and integrate it to make it seamless? There is no cookie cutter answer here, it really depends on you, your viewers, and what you want to focus on in your site/blog.

Q: What is a good minimal wordpress template to start & work with?

A: One of my favorite bloggers, Swissmiss, did a great post not too long ago on good minimal wordpress themes. You can see her suggestions here. I am really digging a few that she points out here and here. Although there are some great ones here as well. So be sure to check all of those out. Another great place for wordpress themes is themeforest, but beware, you will have to do a bit of sifting here.



That’s it for now, feel free to email for with any other questions.. I will try to do these more often. Thanks!


  1. becca

    Brilliance.! Just wish I knew how to apply the design I love to my own blog. grrrrr. Will have to sign up for a class or two very soon.

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