Art Hero: Ashmae

One of my most favorite things is getting to know other artists. I am constantly inspired by others, and awed by others talents. It makes me want to be better, to create better, and fills my life with beauty and joy. I have decided to start a weekly series called “art hero.” I will post about another artist that inspires me, so hopefully you can get to know our artists community a little bit better. Enjoy!

Today I want you to meet Ashley Mae Christiansen, or “Birds of Ashmae” as she calls her shop. Her artwork is exquisite. And for years now, we have owned lots of her pieces. Just check out Maggie’s room at our last house, it’s pretty much full of ashmae. (almost all of those paintings are hers. Isn’t that octopus to die for? )

preview of house

I love how each piece is so beautifully sketched and the watercolors just melt me.. so full of whimsy. Perfect for a child’s room.

We have loved her pieces for years, and so I was over the moon when I found out Ashmae was launching a children’s book. Here are some of the beautiful paintings:

bird foxes

This is what she said about the book in her own words: “…before I fall asleep at night, I close my eyes and imagine myself on a book tour to elementary school classrooms all over the country.  In the vision I am wearing a red dress with a rounded collar and there are scrubby little faces looking up eagerly at me as I read my children’s book to them.  When I am done reading, we all have a conversation about  writing and making and working hard, and then we do just that in a little workshop.  We read and write and make.  I am not under the impression that a children’s book can change the world, but I am under the impression that we need to start somewhere, and with what we know how to do best. “

Isn’t that just beautiful? I am so excited about her book! You can back  The Lost Party right here, and with just $10, you can help this book become a reality. I am so excited to hold this book in my hands, and read it to my daughters. I know they will love the artwork, and get lost in its pages.

preview of deer

Check out her blog right here.







  1. ashmae

    Thank you guys! Everyone has been so so supportive and I love love love seeing images of kids who actually have some of my paintings in their room, it’s what I most hope will happen for those little paintings when i send them out into the world. xo

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