The Impossible Game

Lately things have been a little nuts around here. Ok scratch that, make that the past 3 years things have been a little nuts. I feel like after I had kids, my life went spinning out of control. I am in no ways complaining, I love my kids- and they are what make life fun and wonderful. And also crazy.

Do you ever fill like that? Like your life is crammed with so many good things, and you wonder how on earth you can get it all done. How can I take my daughter to that awesome art class, squeeze in that eye exam for myself, throw dinner in the crock pot since I know things will be crazy later in the day, and call that client who is not happy with that 4th round of logo design? I find myself thinking, someday I will be able to get this all done… when I am all organized; when I get through this list of clients; when my kids get older.. when, when, when.

And this my friends, is called the Impossible game.

I was introduced to this concept a few weeks ago by the amazing Mindy Gledhill (who spoke at last week’s creative collaborative) She said that we often tell ourselves that we need to do it all, and that we can do it all. And this is the impossible game. Because it is IMPOSSIBLE to do EVERYTHING. I cannot now, or ever, do everything I would like to.

So, its all about priorities right? I love to make lists, and lately I have been trying a new technique. I use to make a list of everything I need/want to do, and then trying madly to do it all (and then having a breakdown about how I am overwhelmed/insufficient, etc)

So now, I make a list of everything (I am taking baby steps), and then I pick just 3 things that I will do the next day. It’s all about changing expectations. Most of the time I am finding, I just get these 3 things done- and that is a reason to celebrate! Sometimes I can get a little bit more, but most of the time– I get less done than I want. It is hard work changing your expectations, and what you really can accomplish in a day.

So friends- I have to improve on this. So I designed this poster to put on my desk- to remind me to not play the impossible game. I think this quote sums it up pretty well.. Please print it out and put it wherever will help you to remember to not play that impossible game!

 (note: green border not in download) for personal use only, please do not distribute without permission.


  1. jooj

    mel, this is beautiful. and know that while you may feel you’re insufficient in anyway, all of us lazy bums out here are blown away by all you manage to accomplish, and still being a wonderful, kind friend in the process! truly, mel. you’re an inspiration. love you dearly!!

  2. Allie

    Woohoo! I’m about to print this out to take to my visiting teachers! Mel, you are the best.

  3. stacy

    Can’t tell you how much I needed to find this today, playing the impossible game right now! Thank You

  4. Paz

    oh my! so this is the name of this illness???

    I often feel the same, so it makes me happy to find this little cure for the impossible game pain!

    I’ll print this and hang it in front of my desk to remind myself that nobody is superman/woman, not at least myself.

    Love your work!!

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