All Children Are Artists

One of my favorite things about my childhood is how much my mom fostered in us a love of art. I remember being signed up for lots of different art classes: drawing, painting, papermache, etc… We were constantly doing crafts and learning, and going to museums to look at beautiful paintings and sculptures.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would later become an artist and designer. I can’t tell you how glad I am that my mom instilled in me this love of art at an early age. (Even though I was too cool for art in high school- but that’s another story)

Now as a mother and an artist, it is especially important to me to encourage my children in the arts. I believe that allowing them to draw, paint, and make messes gives them a creative edge they will need all their life, in whatever field they go into. We are constantly making art and messes over here- whether it be putting food coloring in yogurt and finger painting, making chalk drawings, watercoloring, or making macaroni necklaces- we LOVE getting creative.

A few months ago, my friend Annie announced some art classes in her basement called Bear Cave Studios. I was beyond excited- and we have been going to those regularly, and loving it. (Even though we will be moving in a month here, one of the first things I am going to do is find a mommy and me art class.) Anyways, we have been loving these art classes so much, that I designed the following print to help promote these art classes.

So now- I am giving it to all of you. There are 5 different colors included in the pdf for whatever color suits your little artist best. We have one hanging in my daughter’s room, and it is possibly one of my most favorite sayings- reminding us that there is an artist in all of us!


  1. MJ

    I love this sentiment, and the quote, too. We’re hoping to do a lot of art this summer ourselves. Childhood (and adulthood) joy!

  2. Catherine Goron

    Thank you for sharing this quote and allowing us to print it for our little ones! My older son loves to draw and is such a wonderful way for him to express his inner artist 🙂

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