I am ready for Spring!

Happy Friday! I am having the hardest time getting myself to do anything but the essentials these days, but can you blame me? I having too much fun taking care of these two little burklings:

Aren’t these photos beautiful? Bri of Collected took them for us, and I will show more of them next week- because I am in LOVE with these photos.

Anyways, like I was saying- I am ready for spring! I think this new little life in my home is making me ready for the newness and feeling of life that spring brings. Anyone else? I am ready for taking these girls out on warm walks and not fighting with Maggie to put on pants (she always wants to wear dresses- what a girl!) So, let’s pretend its spring yes? Print out this free wildflower pink card and hope for a quick spring coming wherever you! Happy Friday!

(fyi- these cards are available in other colors for purchase here)

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