Burkling #2 is Here!

Friends- have you wondered where I have been? After finishing up Alt Summit, I never did get time to catch up. I had a few days to catch up on sleep, but just one week after Alt, our second daughter, Adeline Eve was born. (January 26th at 3:17 am, 7 pounds 1 oz, 19.5″)

I won’t share my birth here… it was beautiful, wonderful.. and just a holy experience for my husband and I. We are ecstatic that she is here, and our home will never be the same.

 For the most part, Maggie has loved her little sister.


  1. Mel T

    I am so happy for you and Dan.. WOW MB already looks like a great big sister.. Miss and Love u guys! Congrats on the baby 2!

  2. sheralie

    Really sweet. I love you my twinner Adeline! I wish I could meet you soon. Love your auntie.

  3. Paula

    Congratulations you guys! She is beautiful. I hope you are all doing well and that the adjustment isn’t hard for Burkling #1. 🙂

  4. Muffin G

    Oh Melanie! I’m so happy for you! That is Charlotte’s birthday too! Hooray for January birthdays. She is adorable! Did you take your photos? They are just great!

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